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Since ChickTattoo is known for it's Polynesian Style Tattoo Designs
We have a separate website for
Polynesian Inspired Tattoo Designs.

We offer Designs that are high end and come with a stencil.
If the prices are too high for you and you are looking for $5 flash, click away now..
we have none.

Our designs are for people who are serious about what they ink on their body.
If $100. is too much for a design to be tattooed on your body, then we are not for you!!!

But then if you want a cool Polynesian Style Tattoo design without going to Polynesian!
Then we can help with that:) As they say, you get what you pay for!

If you want a Custom Design, we can do that for you also.
Most of our Clients want one of a kind Custom Tattoo Designs and they
are willing to pay a fair price and maybe wait a little while for it.

Mahalo to those people around the Planet who have trusted us
to design their Polynesian Style Tattoo, it is an honor!!!

We have done designs for people from:

Many States in the U.S.
New Zealand
and many more!

Are you ready for a Polynesian Design?

Mahalo nui,

Polynesian Style Tattoo Designs @ PolynesianStyleTattoo.com

Check out our affordable Polynesian Style Flash Tattoo Designs.




Check out our new Polynesian Style Pillow Covers!




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Welcome to ChickTattoo.com

We offer a very unique way of purchasing your
tattoo designs!

We offer 2 ways of purchasing designs

1. Custom Designs, designed just for you with
your ideas and your input into the design process.
This is the most personal way of having us provide
a unique tattoo design for you!

2. Flash Designs, this is the most affordable way
of getting a cool tattoo design. We offer single
flash designs for purchase and also whole sheets
for shops to purchase. Flash designs are
sold over and over again, this is why they are

Contact us with any questions.

All of our designs come with a stencil (line art) to
make life easier on your tattoo artist.

Our designs are sent to you via the email
you used in your PayPal purchase, please
give us 24 hrs to send it. After that contact us!

You purchasing ONE TIME use rights for all custom
designs, they are copyrighted by Runswithwind, and
cannot be resold under any circumstances! If we
find that you have resold the designs, legal action
will be taken, you are warned!

The whole point of the Custom Designs is so that
our clients have a ONE OF A KIND tattoo!

Our flash Sheet designs can be used over and over
by shops who purchase them, however
single designs are ONE TIME use license!

All purchases are done using PayPal, the store is
Runswithwind, not ChickTattoo. You can use
a credit card to purchase designs.

100% Satisfaction is assured, if you are not happy,
we are not happy, no exceptions! We want
ChickTattoo.com to be THE PLACE to find your
Tattoo Design, no BS here, we treat people the
way we would like to be treated, with honesty and

Custom Artwork can take time and is not cheap,
so please respect that, we are doing artwork that
will be permanently inked into your body, we take it
seriously, hope you do too!

Contact us today for a price quote on a
Custom Tattoo Design!

Also, we do NOT tattoo, only design the art.




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Custom Tattoo Designs and Flash Tattoo Art

All Designs are Custom Designs Created by or for ChickTattoo.com

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